Logic – Alright (Ft. Big Sean)

Huge ups to Logic for his latest release “Alright” featuring none other than Big Sean. This one is an instant hit with a cool easy-going vibe from beginning to end that will ring in your head for days after it has ended. Logic’s fast passed flow is delivered effortlessly and is complimented in a huge way by Big Sean’s cool demeanor. definitely a record you can put on repeat for a while and vibe out to. Real excited to see Logic when he comes out to Austin, TX in May but until then I’ll be rockin’ out to this for a whole minute! #BOOM!

Logic – Alright (Ft. Big Sean) // Download Track


Tiesto – Wasted (Ft. Matthew Koma)

Hit the play button and get ready for an all out up beat banger that will have you up on your feet in no time. Tiesto premiered his brand new hit “Wasted” featuring the always inspiring / entertaining Matthew Koma at Ultra. If your a fan of Ellie Goulding and digg her record “Goodness Gracious” than there is a huge chance you will enjoy this song as it has a good amount of the same melody’s in the track, but with a cool elctro, Tiesto spin. Matthew comes through with infectious vocals which compliment the record in a big way making for an all out hit when all is said and done. Turn up the speaker and hit play, this one is a smash!

Tiesto – Wasted (Ft. Matthew Koma) // Stream Only


Roosh Williams – Ridin Thru My City (Official Video)

It goes without saying that Roosh Williams is no doubt one of our favorite emcee’s to break on the scene from Texas. His steady and successful rise to recognition throughout the game has been very well calculated making for an onslaught of hard-hitting records that not only entertain, but also hold a sort of repertoire that is lost in most up and coming rapper’s records who drop tracks like there is no tomorrow. His latest release / video “Riding Thru My City” premiered on his brand new Vevo channel and marks another successfully released hit that will entertain any and all who have a true love for hiphop. Roosh’s flow is intellectually on point and will hook the listener instantly with a hard delivery on each and every verse. The video gives the viewer a cool look at Roosh’s hometown Houston, Texas and proves to be entertaining from beginning to end, check it out below!

Roosh Williams – Ridin Thru My City // Stream Only


Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix)

I have never heard the original version of Neon Trees‘ “Sleeping With A Friend” but I gotta say that I am really digging what The Chainsmokers have done to the record. The song will capture your attention right from the jump with a cool upbeat vibe that slowly but surely progresses into an all out hyped up banger. The vocals are perfectly mixed with the gnarly beat making for s sick song when all is said and done. I could definitely rock out to this for a whole minute, check it out below!

Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix) // Stream Only


ZHU – The NightDay EP

This guy ZHU has officially blown my mind with the release of his latest EP entitled The NightDay EP. The 6 track compilation will hook and entertain any and all who hit the play button with an onslaught of well produced / unique sounds and vibes. The record has a cohesiveness to it that allows one to feel as though we are on a journey with the up and coming producer. With surprises around every corner there is absolutely no way one will find them selves bored with any one second of the EP. Huge fan of this whole collection, big ups to ZHU! I’ll probably be listening to this for the rest of the week!

ZHU – The NightDay EP // Purchase EP


Lykke Li Feat. A$AP Rocky – No Rest For The Wicked (Remix)

It’s hard to explain how much I digg when two genres collide in one amazing remix. Lykke Li and A$AP Rocky team up to brings us an ambient hiphop – indie hit that will dwell within ones mind long after the track has ended. The vibe is on point from beginning to end and the mix of soft vocals to cool, hard-hitting bars is just right making for a pretty exceptional record when all is said and done. #BOOM!

Lykke Li Feat. A$AP Rocky – No Rest For The Wicked (Remix) // Stream Only