Michael Woods – In Your Arms (Ft. Lauren Dyson)

While this song is about 4 months old, give or take a month, I am completely blown away by it. While listening to Pandora Michael Woods‘ “In Your Arms” featuring Lauren Dyson came over my head phones and completely captured my attention. It has been some time sense I have heard such a harmonious mix of vocals and sound and it is because of this that I fell in love with the record from beginning to end. Michael Woods serves up an amazingly hard hitting track that is complicated like no other by Lauren’s melodic, well received vocals making for an all out banger. I’ll probably have this on repeat the rest of the month, check it out below!

Michael Woods – In Your Arms (Ft. Lauren Dyson) // iTunes


TJ Hickey – Love You Later On (Prod. Lazaro) | Official Video

One of Hype Hits favorite up and comers TJ Hickey just released the visuals to his latest single entitled “Love You Later On.” This upbeat hiphop banger will capture your attention right from the jump with an onslaught of well received vocals from TJ that prove to entertain and entice the listener from beginning to end. The record is topped off with an infectious hook that will ring in your head for days and no doubtingly have you hitting the reply button a couple a times after the song has ended. Directed by M9 Visuals the video encompasses a cool easy going vibe towards his love interests kind of concept which compliments the song in a big way, check it out below!

TJ Hickey – “Love You Later On” (Prod. Lazaro) // iTunes


Crizzly – Certified Gz (feat. Slim Thug)

Yes we are 9 days late with this one but you can blame that on the crazy time we had at ACL this past weekend! With that said Crizzly just release a new record entitled “Certified Gz” that will completely blow your mind as soon as you hit the play button. Littered with an onslought of hard-hitting drops, bass and synths this crunkstep hit will no doubtingly become a favorite of any EDM fanatic in no time. Hit the play button and get ready for a roller coaster ride, this one is a banger!

Crizzly – Certified Gz (feat. Slim Thug) // Download Track


Jackson Breit – The Weekend (Prod. Carneyval)

Jackson Breit just released a sick new record dubbed “The Weekend” and we have no doubt it will quickly become a favorite of yours in no time. The track seems effortless yet packs a gnarly punch that will stick in your head for days. Produced by Carneyval the track features a funky future forward kind of vibe which is held down from beginning to end by Jackson’s cool, easy-going vocals. The production the record from beginning to end helps to add cool sounds and melodys that will surely make this one hard to forget. check out “The Weekend” below!

Jackson Breit – The Weekend (Prod. Carneyval) // Download Track


Moiez – Illusions (Feat. LARCY)

Dreamy, unreal, aromatic… amazing. All words that can accurately describe Moiez‘s hit record entitled “Illusions” featuring none other than LARCY. “Illusions” will capture your attention with amazing vocals right from the jump performed beautifully by Larcy. Moiez keeps things both interesting and entertaining on the beat with an onslaught of hard-hitting drops and melodys that will no doubtingly have you hitting the replay button once or twice after the record ends. I’ll probably be listening to this the rest of the week! Check it out below.

Moiez – Illusions (Feat. LARCY) // Stream Only


Hype Hits Covers ACL music festival in Austin, Texas

As the days drew closer to weekend two of ACL in Austin, Texas one could not help but feel the anticipation of an inevitable good time begin to build. We started our adventure on a Thursday night on dirty 6th (East 6th) street downtown and partook in the pre ACL festivities all throughout the night. After a long night of pre gaming we awoke on the floor of a friend’s house in west campus and quickly began to prepare for what was to come. We showered, ate, threw on our wrist band and soon enough it was game time!


Festival Attendees

We had attended ACL last year and had a small idea as to what we would expect but where very much blown away by everything this year had to offer. To start things off the weather although wet on Saturday morning held up beautifully and added to the experience of the festival as a whole throughout the weekend. Zilker Park proved to be the perfect location for this enormously huge festival as it did a great job of accommodating a large amount of people with plenty of room to spare. The amazing view of the Austin, Texas skyline while looking toward the Samsung stage created the perfect scenery and helped to give the entire festival grounds a uniquely beautiful vibe.

The festival upheld eight different stages which played host to an onslaught of one of the most interesting line ups one has ever seen at ACL. From huge acts like Iggy Azalea, Eminem, Skrillex to up and coming artists like MO and Falls the festival was littered with music of every genre from wall to wall all three days. Some of our favorites included the likes of Major Lazer, Calvin Harris and of course Lorde. Some of the best concerts proved to be those of whom we knew nothing about but decided to stop and enjoy while passing through from stage to stage. This aspect of so many stages with so much music proved to be one of the highlights of the festival as it allowed for you to experience and discover new music as you wondered around the festival grounds.

Clip of Major Lazer at ACL 2014

While partaking in music one could not help but take notice to the major amount of food that ACL had to offer. The “Food Court” was a mix of local favorites and provided a variety of different choices that surely satisfied any and all who decided to eat on at any given time during the festival. While eating a P. Terry’s burger on Sunday, sitting in the middle of the grassy knoll we were happily surprised by a performance from AFI which we were not aware was going to take place. Experiences like these added to the nostalgia and downright good time ACL had to offer.

As the festival drew to a close we were definitely taken back by many moments throughout the weekend. It is the diverse feel and vibe of ACL and Austin, Texas that allows for a truly unique festival that is appropriate for people of all ages. The music knows no limits and provides something for anyone who attends. The culture is upbeat, cheerful and warming. Throughout the festival you are greeted with new enthusiastic faces that seem just as eager as you are to make friends, talk about music and jam out. The crowds although at times are over sized are welcoming and respectful making for a comfortable viewing of any artist you chose to see whether you were right at the front of the stage raging with the crowd or in the back just hanging out. There is truly nothing that compares to the general vibe that is ACL and it is for that reason we will definitely choose to return next year and enjoy ourselves once more!