Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux – Legends (Ft. Kalibwoy)

A little late with this one but hey better late than never right? With that said Yellow Claw is set to release their new EP in October and with that in mind they have released the first record off the project which will no doubtingly become your new favorite trap song of all time once you hit the play button and give it one full run through. This infectious electro infused hit will capture your attention with a gnarly sound on the track from beginning to end which is complimented like no other by some of the dopest versus one will find on a track today. This track is mysterious, enticing and euphoric, and definitely creates much anticipation for the project in October, check it out below!

Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux – Legends (Ft. Kalibwoy) // Stream Only

What Ever

Aer Ft. Dizzy Wright – Whatever We Want (Remix)

Just stumbled upon this remix from Aer to their chilled out hit “Whatever We want” featuring Dizzy Wright and I had to give it a listen. To no surprise this easy goin hit captured my attention right from the jump with an infectious hook that is complimented like no other by Carter Schultz‘s fast passed lyricism from beginning to end. Dizzy hops on the joint and lays down an onslaught of well received verses that give the record that lil somethin extra we all seem to look for in any track we decide we love. Amazing sound, awesome song, check it out below!

Aer Ft. Dizzy Wright – Whatever We Want (Remix) // Download Track


Seven Lions – Strangers (Fan-Made Video)

Music can inspire even the most down and out to look with in and pull out some of the most intense feelings, memories, creativity and so much more. This ideal is backed up and Comes to full light with this fan generated music video which does an amazing job at capturing the energy of Seven Lions‘ “Strangers.” This video takes the viewer on a journey reminiscent of Alice’s journey from Alice in Wonderland. The main girl seems to fall in and out of different realities which all present a different experience for the girl which makes for a pretty interesting and all out colorful music video. Directed by Rebecca Jurgens this video will completely en-capture any and all who hit the play button, Amazing Job!

Seven Lions – Strangers // Stream Only


Fergie – L.A.LOVE (la la)

its been quite some time sense we have heard new music from Fergie so when I saw that she just released her latest single L.A.LOVE (la la) I was instantly intrigued and had to give it a run through. This cool, upbeat hit will capture your attention with a sick beat from DJ Mustard which proves to be the perfect back drop for Fergie’s infectious vocals and hook from beginning to end. This will no doubtingly be on the radio in no time so check it out now on Hype Hits before the radio drills it into your head every hour on the hour! #BOOM!

Fergi – L.A.LOVE (la la) // iTunes


Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

Lorde has set the internet a blaze today with the release of her latest single “Yellow Flicker Beat” which stands as the first record off the up and coming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. Lorde will capture your attention right from the jump with a well performed mysteriousness to the record that gradually builds as the song progresses. When the song drops you are instantly thrown into a wold of epic sound that is completely and utterly wrecked by Lorde’s effortless yet impactful verses. Huge fan of this record and even bigger fan of Lorde. Cant wait to see her at ACL this year for sure!

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat // iTunes


Jon Bellion – The Definition | Album Review

I downloaded Jon Bellion‘s latest album The Definition last night and have sense been on quite the listening binge. I started the day off listening to the album from song number one on the car ride to work and was quickly enthused by the multitude of sounds and melodies that one would expect to hear from a Jon Bellion record. The songs where light yet upbeat, melodic but unexpected, unique and hypnotic. Once I got to work I quickly went to Soundcloud, plugged my head phones in and began to listen once more. After the first Run through it was pretty clear I was a fan and had no trouble listening all throughout the day. The record was so cohesively orchestrated but presented the listener with a different experience in every song. It was not long before I had gone through the album 3 times in a row and by that time had a few songs in my head that stuck out as being my favorite.

Let me start off by saying Jon in the past has frequently showed off his skills both as a musician and as a producer. His last four projects all showed a unique and interesting side of Jon that seemed to showcase one of Jon’s many talents and it is in my opinion that this one not only accentuated his musical abilities but also found him exploring a world of repetition through lyrics that really seemed to work. Songs like “Simple and Sweet,” “Run Wild” and “Carry Your Throne” all present the listener with enthusiastic repetition both in lyrics and melody that seem to stick with the you long after the song has ended, leaving quite the mark and impression.

Some of the most outstanding tracks in my opinion had to be “Jungle” and “Ohh” Ft. Christianne Jensen. “Jungle” stood out to me because of its simple yet effective melodic sound. There was something very familiar about the chorus and it was because of this that I was quickly intrigued by the record all the way through. The subject of the song further enticed me as one can completely relate to going out and being presented with many choices throughout the night that will end up taking you down many different roads. The lyrics “There’s quicksand in the night life, it will swallow you whole” where both moving and true to life and in the end where elements that made this record especially special.

Our second favorite, “Ohh” shone through the brightest and did so for many reasons. The first had to be the light ambient, airiness to the beat that was completely littered with an onslaught of sounds including the likes of a consistent back beat, strings that make a beautiful appearance throughout the song and an amazing use of synths and sounds that make up a beautiful back drop to the lyrics that accompany it. Jon’s vocals are effortless yet effective from beginning to end and really capture the listener in both sounds and topic. Half way through the song we are graced by an accomliment from Christianne Jensen that is short lived yet musically genius as it adds just the perfect amount of female touch to the record making for an all out hit when all is said and done.

All in all I have to hand it to Jon. He has done so much in the past year. From writing and producing a song for Jason Durulo to making an entire album to which is masterfully put together and thought out. His hard work shines through and it gives me no doubt that this guy will soon be in the public eye in no time. I give this record a solid 9/10 and look forward to whatever else may come from Jon. Till then I will be blissfully jamming out to The Definition for a good long while! #BOOM.

Jon Bellion – The Definition // Free Download