Who Is Fancy – Goodbye | Official Video(s)

Just checked out the latest record from Who Is Fancy and I gotta say I was very much intrigued by the cool laid out vibes the song has to offer from beginning to end. The vocals are powerful and complimented by a well composed beat making for an all out hit when all is said and done. The video is interesting and features what I perceived as the industry taking a person and completely transforming them into what ever they wanted them to be to sell an image. Who Is Fancy released three videos for this record all of which feature a different character whom is transformed throughout the song. Check out the record and one of the videos below.

Who Is Fancy – Goodbye // Stream Only


Raz Simone Ft. Gifted Gab & Fatal Lucciauno – Same Problems (Official Video)

Raz Simone never seems to disappoint which is hard to do considering the guy drops a new record pretty much every week. While I am always a fan of his music there are songs from every artist one finds entertaining that seem to hit the soul in a certain way which makes you stop and really listen to what the artist is saying / tryin to convey. “Same Problems” did just that for myself. Raz’s easy going yet hard hitting flow is complimented like no other by the chilled out beat which seems to be on a consistent upward track on the build. Gifted Gab and Fatal Lucciauno prove to be the perfect compliment to Raz’s steeze making for an all out hit when all is said and done. #BOOM!

Raz Simone Ft. Gifted Gab & Fatal Lucciauno – Same Problems // Stream Only


Roosh Williams – Unorthodox | Album Review

Give Roosh Williams’ latest project Unorthodox one listen all the way through and there is no doubt in my mind you will be hooked by his effortlessly cocky / cool flow that is delivered in the most confident manner which makes it hard not to listen all the way through each record. At a solid 11 tracks strong Roosh presents his fans with a diverse album which is packed full of hard hitting beats with production from the likes of Trakksounds and m.simp just to name a few.

From beginning to end the listener is hit with a modern take on the down south hiphop sound which is very much prevalent throughout but delivered in a Roosh Williams steeze that proves to be unique and some strait up ear candy for any true to hiphop / rap fan out there. As each track plays on you will find yourself thrown head first into Roosh’s world. his lyricism is intellectually composed and well presented making each song lyrically appealing and educating, giving the listener a real feel for the rapper both as a person and an artist. Records like “Extraordinary” do a great job of keeping the vibe going strong with a fast paced flow from Roosh while songs like “Squad” give the listener a chance to breath and listen to Williams tell his story in a cool chilled out sort of demeanor giving the project a balanced feeling and showing the listener the versatility in the young Houston emcee’s flow.

In the weeks leading up to the drop Roosh did a great job of building some major hype for the album which to fans was definitely worth the wait . As of now the album is currently climbing up the charts on iTunes and has already proven itself as a success with bloggers and fans all over the internet. Hit the play button and get ready for a journey, Unorthodox is a hit! #OnRepeat

Roosh Williams – Unorthodox // iTunes



Zedd – I Want You To Know (Ft. Selena Gomez)

I know i know, this track is all over the internet so why even post it right? Nah, one cannot simply ignore a new record from Zedd especially when it features Selena Gomez. The two just released the latest single “I Want You To Know” which will be featured on both artist up and coming sophomore records. The track has an upbeat party kind of steeze that will have you hitting the replay button at least once or twice once it has ended! #Boom

Zedd – I Want You To Know (Ft. Selena Gomez) // Stream Only


Phoebe Ryan – Mine (DOCO Remix)

Upbeat, exciting, eccentrically f’n awesome. All words that come to mind when listening to DOCO’s latest remix to Phoebe Ryan‘s cool hit “Mine.” This is one of the first impressions I have had of DOCO and I gotta admit the young up and coming deejay has got me hooked. This remix is filled with some amazing ups and downs mixed with a great use of stop and go type vocals that will have you falling deeper and deeper in love with the record as every second plays on. Definitely something you can cool out and vibe to for a whole minute, check it out below!

Phoebe Ryan – Mine (DOCO Remix) // Download Track


L.E.D – Lifes A Bitch EP

If there was ever an artist to look out for in the year 2015 this writer would have absolutely no doubt or hesitation to say L.E.D aka Elley Duhe is a top contender. With each and every record the young up and coming songstress releases she is able to reveal new and amazing talents to her fans which makes her one of the most interestingly artistic musicians I have heard in a while. Her 6 track EP Life’s A Bitch is a 6 record mix that will leave any and all who hit the play button with a sense of enticing excitement that is only fueled and completely sound satisfying with each and every song. Hit the play button and get ready for a ride filled with harmonious sounds mixed effortlessly with an onslought of well composed beats. This EP has already become one of my favorites! #Boom #OnRepeat

L.E.D – Lifes A Bitch EP // Download EP