Jackson Breit & Carneyval – Use Me (Music Video)

Very much enthused by Jackson Breit & Carneyval‘s latest music video to their hit single “Use Me.” This aromatic hit is an easy goin record that will capture the attention of any and all who hit the play button with smooth verses delivered by Jackson and a breezy, infectiously on point hook delivered by Carneyval. The video features a cool colorful vibe which compliments the song in a big way makin for an all out outstanding project, Boom!

Jackson Breit & Carneyval – Use Me // Free Download


Em George – Paper Hearts (Official Video)

I don’t know much about Em George but I must admit I was completely captured by her latest music video to her lyrical record “Paper Heart.” The song will capture your attention right from the jump with an easy going mysteriousness on the track which proves to be the perfect accompaniment to Em’s soulful vocals from beginning to end. I kept finding myself looking for a some sort of crescendo to occur how ever the song never faltered and continued on its ambient path making for an interestingly peaceful ambiance that I kind of fell in love with, check it out below!

Em George – Paper Hearts // Stream Only


Michael Zoah – Never Sober (Official Video)

Strapped with one infectiously hard hitting beat Michael Zoah (formerly PropaneLv) presents the listener with an onslaught of hard hitting bars which are complimented to no end by his effortlessly cool hook. “Never Sober” features a bass heavy mysterious vibe on the beat and will no doubtingly become a favorite of any and all who hit the play button on this action heavy video!

Michael Zoah – Never Sober // iTunes


Nicki Minaj – Grand Piano (Chi Duly Remix)

Chi Duly‘s “Grand Piano” remix has been out for some time now but We here at Hype Hits just got around to checking it out and I gotta admit I am very happy I finally did so. If you have heard the original your well aware of the beauty the track brings to the table throughout. I have to really give it to Duly as I feel the record still has that aww inspiring vibe the original presented to the listener just reworked in a completely new way. The song is well balanced and new to the ear. The vocals are sped up yet still grace the record effortlessly making for an all out outstaning remix. Huge fan of the sound in this one, I’ll probably have it on repeat the rest of the week! #BOOM!

Nicki Minaj – Grand Piano (Chi Duly Remix) // Download


Pegboard Nerds – Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney!? (Kanye West X Jennifer Lawrence)

If one could give another a standing ovation over the internet I would do so to the Pegboard Nerds for their latest release “Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney!?” This electronic bass heavy, lyrical hit is an all out roller coaster of sounds and vocals that will instantly entice any and all who hit the play button on this all out banger. Kanye‘s verses are complimented like no other by Lawrence‘s cool familiar and untouched vocals. The whole record is littered with Pegboard Nerds magic that make for an onslaught of ups downs and all arounds that will no doubtingly have you hitting the play button at least once or twice after the song has ended!

Pegboard Nerds – Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney!? (Kanye West X Jennifer Lawrence) // Download Track


Roosh Williams – Unorthodox (Official Video)

Roosh Williams released his first music video for 2015 on January 7th and I gotta say it is very exciting to see new material from the young H-town up and comer. “Unorthodox” is a hard hitting hip-hop record that will capture your attention right from the jump with a huge feel on the track which is held down like no other by Roosh’s continuously on point / unique style. The video encompasses a cool street fighter sort of concept which proves to compliment the song well and presents the viewer with the only thing about the project that upstages Williams’ flow. In the video we find Roosh showing off an onslaught of dance moves which makes for a cool and easy going feel and gives the viewer / listener an at ease, vibe along with Roosh kind of steez. Big fan of this project and definitely looking forward to what 2015 has in store for Roosh!

Roosh Williams – Unorthodox // Stream Only