Eminem – Guts Over Fear (Feat. Sia)

You absoluely cannot ignore a new record from the rap god him self Eminem, especially when it features the likes of amazing songstress Sia. “Guts Over Fear” is an inspirational hit hiphop record from Eminem which features the fast passed, lyrically thought out verses we have all come to know and love from Slim Shady. Sia’s chorus compliments the song beautifully making for an all out banger when all is said and done. Hit the play button and check it out for yourself, this one is amazing!

Eminem – Guts Over Fear (Feat. Sia) // Stream Only


Charli XCX – Break The Rules (Official Video)

Charli XCX has made quite the uproar in the music world in a short amount of time and for good reason, her style is cool, unique and catchy making for a quite the artist when all is said and done. Her latest release “Break The Rules” features a gnarly pop-rock kinda vibe that will capture the attention of any and all who hit the play button on this all out hit. The video features a “Down with school” sort of concept which compliments the record well and even features a cameo from none other than Rose McGowan. Awesome track, cool video, check it out below!

Charli XCX – Break The Rules // Pre-Order


Afrojack & Martin Garrix – Turn Up The Speakers (Official Music Video)

Afrojack & Martin Garrix just released the music video for there huge festival banger entitled “Turn Up The Speakers” yesterday and it has already reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube so you know its an all out hit both track and video wise. If this is your first time hearing the song you will be instantly hooked by a bass heavy beat which is complimented by electro synths and sounds from beginning to end. The video encompasses a sultry concept which proves to be both entertaining and interesting to watch as the song plays out, check it out below!

Afrojack & Martin Garrix – Turn Up The Speakers


DREAMERS – My Little Match

I don’t know much about the DREAMERS but I can tell you that they have completely captured my attention with the release of their latest record entitled “My Little Match.” This indie-rock hit will entice any and all who hit the play button with a cool vibe on the track that changes up quite frequently throughout the song. The record is complimented by dark, constant and effective vocals which really set the tone for the song and give the listener something to grasp as the track plays out. Really diggin’ the violin break down!

DREAMERS – My Little Match // Stream Only


Brass Knuckles – WATER GUN (Ft. John Ryan)

There is nothing in this world that we love more than to hear two genre’s of music come together in one harmonious record. Brass Knuckles‘ latest release “Water Gun” featuring John Ryan which encompasses a hard hitting electro beat that is complimented like no other by a hot, well received indie-pop type of hook that will resonate in your head for days after the record ends. definitely a track that will have you rockin’ out in your seat in no time. Hit the play button and hold onto your seat, this one is a banger! #Boom!

 Brass Knuckles РWATER GUN (Ft. John Ryan) // iTunes


Protohype – Encore Ep | Featured Review

On a day that was otherwise yet another bleak Tuesday, up and coming producer / DJ Protohype released his latest EP entitled Encore and has made quite the impression with the 5 track compilation. If this is your first encounter with Protohype and his music you are in for more than a treat. Protohype builds a solid soundscape of electro-dubstep vibes from beginning to end that will hook and entertain any and all who hit the play button on this all out amazing project. The EP is complimented by features including the likes of Datsik, Duelle, Ras and Jeff Sontag who all of which only enhance the general feel of the project and give each track its own unique sound. Protohype keeps the listener on their toes with attention to detail production wise and a great use of surprise build ups, drops and all out change ups on the tracks that will have you hitting the replay button on at least one, if not all the songs.

After listening all the way through I did come across two records that really left a lasting impression. The first of which had to be the title track “Encore” which will hook you instantly with a solid dubsteb vibe on the beat that¬† is held down like no other by Ras’ hard hitting well received verses. The drops are simple yet effective and show off Protohype’s ear for well produced music. You will find yourself vibing out to the song much like you would to the sounds of a hip-hop record with a cool consistent feel.

My second pick from the EP, “Zero,” which was produced by both Datsik and Protohype is an all out dubstep hit that is topped off by a sick “I don’t give a f*ck” sample which will be stuck in your head for a minute after the track ends. The record is consistent, full of energy and will keep you strait up rocking out all the way to the end. I must comment upon the mysterious laugh that presents itself about half way through the song. I honestly thought someone was behind me when I first heard it. Well played guys, I am more than positive you surprised everyone who has heard this strategically place laugh!

All in all I got to give it up to Protohype, Encore proved to be an entertaining EP from beginning to end and has definitely filled my hunger for new Protohype music for at least a month, maybe two. I give the project a solid 8/10 and look forward seeing what the future holds for Protohype and his music! #BOOM!

Protohype – Encore EP // Beatport